Analysis of High-Alumina

Application Brief

Analysis of High Alumina, Alumino-Silicate, and Other Silicate Refractories Prepared as Fused Beads Using ED-XRF

X-ray Fluorescence is an accepted technique for analyzing refractories. The analysis procedure together with the sample preparation as fused beads is described, for example, in EN ISO 12677: Chemical analysis of refractory products by X-ray fluorescence (XRF) — Fused cast-bead method.

This report describes the calibration and validation of the SPECTRO XEPOS ED-XRF analyzer for the simultaneous analysis of various oxides in alumina, alumino-silicate, and other silicate refractories. 

The SPECTRO XEPOS can be offered as a package of:

• Instrument
• Fusion technique
• Calibration samples
• Validation samples
• Consumables
• Installation
• Calibration

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