Rhodium Plated White Gold

Application Brief

Analysis of Rhodium Plated White Gold

The analysis of precious metals is one of the typical application examples of small spot XRF analyzers. The instruments are widely used during manufacturing and hallmarking of precious metal alloys but also during incoming inspection of recycled material at the precious metal refinery.

Especially when analyzing white gold a possible plating with Rh has to be considered. Rhodium plating is applied in a thin layer to the jewelry to keep it from tarnishing. It increases the jewelry’s resistance to scratches and adds a reflective white finish. During the analysis one important aspect is the determination of the plating thickness but also the knowledge of the composition of the base alloy is of interest. The most accurate way to analyze the base materials for its composition certainly is to remove the plating at a tiny point and do the test there but this is destructive and therefore not an option.

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