Edible Oil Analysis

Application Brief

Limits of Detection in Edible Oil With Dual Side-On Plasma Observation

The oil extracted from plants has a high nutritional value and plays an important role in the daily diet. In order to obtain a safe food product, quality control of edible oil is necessary.

Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES) is an excellent analytical method for the elemental analysis of edible oils, due to its multi-element determination capability, large dynamical linear range, and high sensitivity.

This application note describes the principle methodology for the analysis of edible oil using the example of sunflower oil. The determination of trace elements in animal and vegetable fats and oils by ICP-OES is e.g. described in the ISO standard 21033. The SPECTROGREEN ICP-OES can easily handle the challenging matrix and provides low detection limits for the analysis of edible oil.

Learn more in this informative application note.