Price and performance are now perfected in the SPECTROBLUE

Price and performance are now perfected in the SPECTROBLUE

With radial, axial, and twin plasma viewing versions, the compact versatile SPECTROBLUE is an unbeatable solution for environmental and industrial analyses.

Recent updates have further perfected the instrument’s high performance, easy operation, low maintenance, and unmatched affordability.

Learn more about SPECTROBLUE’s incredible functional range in this on-demand webinar. SPECTRO experts will give you a functional run-down of the instrument’s broad capabilities and discuss the analytical possibilities now available with SPECTROBLUE.

SPECTROBLUE EOP – the unique axial interface version provides high sensitivity and detection limits for superior analysis of trace elements

SPECTROBLUE SOP – the radial interface model offers precise performance at high sample concentrations with excellent tolerance for high saline and organic fractions

SPECTROBLUE TI – the twin interface version automatically performs axial and radial viewing of the plasma making it ideal for environmental analyses as it accurately determines levels of alkali elements in complex matrices